Ordering System New Function is Upgraded!

Just click "Buy Again" button on "Account--My Order" to make orders convenient and instantly.

Posted on Jan 15, 2021

Do you want to make orders convenient and instantly?

Don't need to choose types, products, specifications, quantities and currencies.

Don't need to fill in delivery information and contact information......

So easy! Because our ordering system function is upgraded.

You can use vpayfast new function on your account if you have been made orders before.

Just click "Buy Again" button on Account-"My Order", please check the following detailed procedures:


The premise is you have already placed an order successfully on vpayfast!

1. Log in account on vpayfast;

2. Click "My Order" on the account list;

3. You can see your finished orders in the order list, there are two buttons on the finished order, "Buy Again" and "Write Review";

4. Now, if you need to still buy the same products, specifications, quantities, currencies and delivery information this time, then you can click "Buy Again" to make a new order directly, just choose payment methods, fill in discount code and pay the order.

As picture:



By the way, but if you want to make an order with the new products, specifications, quantities, currencies and delivery information, if it's different from finished orders, now, you can only buy it on the home page or product page instead of "Buy Again".

So just experience it now!

Waiting for your feedbacks and suggestions.

Please contact vpayfast VIP customer service if any questions.

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