How to receive money on Wechat without a Mainland China bank card?

Follow the steps here to receive money from Vpayfast.

Posted on Aug 28, 2019

If you have added a Mainland China bank card to your wechat account, it means your wechat account has already finished the real name verification, you can simply scan a QR code to receive your funds in one minute. Check Details here>>

Without Mainland China bank card, you can try to receive the balance as follows:
1. You can download wechat app on pc(powered by windows);
2. Log in your wechat on pc;
3. Then you can accept the transfer of money via wechat by adding us to contact
Please contact our 24*7 online customer service or our WeChat official account---kavipcom when you are able to log in wechat on PC.

Follow the steps here to check if your account is bound to Mainland China bank card :

1. Log in your WeChat 

2. Choose "me"-"WeChat pay"

3. Choose "Money" 

4. Choose "Receive Money" If you can check out the QR code for receiving money, then your account is bound to Mainland China bank card. If the system needs you to bind debit card issued in China, then please try as mentioned above.